Sarasvati House


Saraswati project is underlying the form - structure - aesthetic, the idea of a shelter, it tries to blur the separation between the interior and exterior spatially, the household inside a more essential value, that territorial of belongings which defines what is specifically ‘dwelling’ that circumscribes its peculiarity from its individual identity or numerous identities, providing a large garden space within high density neighborhood. Our studio primary interest in architectural design and research is coming from the basic understanding of matter-movement-form that is interlinked from one another.

Our main concept was to introduce an ample courtyard garden as a heart of the house that is nestled in between various types of neighbouring buildings, which lead us to provide an open plan concept on the first floor which is suited with the client needs and also gives a freedom to the client to rearrange the house in the lower ground. Spaces are coreographed to have a continuous visual effect to maximize the visual connection between one space to another spaces and the garden organized around it. The house was designed to avoid columns that are exposed, and first floor are free open space that could be used for multi purposes.

An urban resort house that tries to contrast the surrounding urban context, whereas the architecture blend with the softscape to soften the overall nuances, and the feeling is inverted from an actual surrounding city context, although the tower view and houses are appearing beyond the house. The mass are arranged to avoid building facing a bedroom directly and also the use various concrete blocks are composed to minimize the unwanted view yet giving a texture to the house.

The main concept was inspired from an open concept of traditional houses in Indonesia which would bring the house user to embrace his or her own personality to their surroundings and to have an outdoor activity more than indoor activities, a possiblities that are rare to be done in an urban house situation. The house design was intended to achieve certain level of efficiency, simplicity, openness, which are the main characteristics of our traditional culture whereas the terrace and a journey and experiences to enjoy the house as the compliments with various spatial experience from the entrance to the more private spaces inside the house


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