2013-2015-First winner of Bhineka Tunggal Ika Theatre Competition at TMII, Indonesia.

2013 -First winner of IAI - Pacitan Museum Competition, Indonesia.

2014 -The best of 4 from 38 entrants for a private house design competition in Bekasi, Indonesia.2014

2007-2012-Second winner of Pondok Tjandra Indah Gate competition at Surabaya, Indonesia.

2007 -Included in evolo

2012 competition poster.

2012 -Best Thesis project in Dessau Institute of Architecture, 2012 with thesis title “Environmental Scientist Village” project.

2012 -Selected as one from 300 projects over 4000 entries received from 2006 to 2011 in Evolo Magazine. 2012

2005-2006-Second Best Design of Convention Centre student project at Catholic Parahyangan University.

2005 -Nominated for City Hotel student project at Catholic Parahyangan University.

2005 -Third winner of One Stop Shopping Gallery competition at Jakarta. As a member of Budi Pradono Architects.

2005 Jury : Dr.Arch.(Hon) William Lim; Prof.Gunawan Tjahjono,IAI;Prof.Mohammad Danisworo,IAI ; Prof.Slamet Wirasonjaya,IAI -Best Design of Student Final Project. Regional Fire Department, Bandung

2006 -Third winner of Graphic Design competition at Jakarta.

2006 -Honorable mentioned of Micro Space competition at Catholic Parahyangan University.

2006 -Second Winner of canteen design competition at Catholic Parahyangan University.2006

2002-2003-Third winner of Student Facilities competition at Catholic Parahyangan University.

2002 -Second winner of Ciumbuleuit Shelter competition at Catholic Parahyangan University.2003


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